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Dated 18 July 2015: Summer 2015 shows I dropped already

This is a terrible idea.

I'm watching a lot of shows this season. I'm not watching literally everything, but I am following substantially more titles than I typically do. I fully expect to abandon a large number of these series during the summer 2015 cour, but I've only dropped three shows so far.


Dated 10 February 2015: A tail of two catgirls

A catgirl doing cat things.

If you know anything about anime, then you're at least aware catgirls are a common fetish, and may even be familiar with the various controversies surrounding them. Are they furries? What if their paws and tails are real? Should they also have human ears in addition to their cat ears? This entry casually compares the catgirls in Isuca and The iDOLMASTER Cinderella Girls as an excuse to introduce these Winter 2015 shows and to revisit some of my grievances regarding catgirls.


Dated 23 November 2014: Anime triage

Conan and Sera
As if there is any chance in Hell of Sera turning out to be bad.

Because of "circumstances," I find myself dropping about half the shows I was following this season. Well, perhaps not so much dropping as putting on hiatus for the time being. Maybe I'll catch back up during a particularly lousy season that coincides with greater anime-watching opportunities. (Won't be next season, because next season looks pretty sweet.)


Dated 22 October 2014: I've dropped two shows already

Kohina and Kokkuri
I could go for some instant udon right about now.

I've already dropped Gugure! Kokkuri-san! and Girlfriend (Kari). Neither show was particularly bad, but there are plenty of other shows airing this season that are more interesting. Kokkuri is amusing enough, I suppose, but it didn't resonate with me. I can't imagine following its antics week after week. I suspect most people will be able to determine whether or not it will appeal to them simply from a synopsis alone.

Kokomi and Akane
I like that she's sobbing as she eats.

Girlfriend (Kari), on the other hand, is one of those shows that appears "objectively terrible" from the description—one that is only worth watching for its massive crush of seiyuu in its huge cast. It turns out Girlfriend (Kari) (or Girl Friend BETA, whatever), is inoffensive and sort of cute in a banal way that probably appeals a lot more to people who really enjoy "Cute Girls Doing Cute Things" than I do. As it is, I still find it rather dull and I'm too uninterested to continue watching. I'm going to need something more than simply Sakura Tange talking all fucked up each week to keep me engaged.

Dated 16 September 2014: It turns out I dropped Rokujouma no Shinryakus​ha!? before finishing my blog entry announcing I was watching it

Ghost in a jar.

Originally, I was going to say I was watching Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? (Invaders of the Rokujouma!?) because it had a ghost girlfriend even though the ghost in it isn't quite girlfriend enough to be a ghost girlfriend. Neither was Nanana, for that matter, but I wanted an excuse to trot out my Ghost Girlfriends tag again. I'm not actually a fan in particular of ghost girlfriends, but I liked Yuuko from Tasogare Otome x Amnesia and I thought Itoshi no Kana (My Lovely Ghost Kana) was way better than it had any business being. I wasn't too impressed with Asura Cryin' despite the presence of Haruka De Tomaso Pantera, though. Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? also features an ecclectic group of individuals all living in the same house, a formula that I've enjoyed in such shows as Dokkoida?! and Love Hina, but it wasn't enough. I was already pretty far behind with Rokujouma, but I dropped it because the ghost girlfriend's flavor of Postmodern Tsundere is the stupid variety. I'm actually okay with Postmodern Tsundere (it's way better than Modern Tsundere, at least), but it's so poorly executed here that I've lost all motivation for catching up with the series. I'd rather use the time to continue reducing my Detective Conan backlog.

Dated 9 September 2014: I guess I'm dropping JoJo's Bizarre Adventure...oh, and Space☆Dandy 2nd Season, too

Joseph and Kakyoin
Joseph is the only member of the main cast I find amusing.

I'm about eight weeks behind on JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders. That's far enough back for me to decide it's probably not worth making the effort to catch up. There's not actually anything wrong with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure aside from a subset of its fans that appears to partially base its self worth by deeming itself superior to anime fans who don't enjoy it. The show itself is entertaining, providing you're in the mood for that sort of thing. The show really does feel as if someone watched a bunch of grade school boys playing with action figures and then made an anime out of it. I'm sure the creative process behind the original JoJo manga is much more sophisticated than I give it credit for. After all, contemporary readers were just as critical of Jame's Joyce's serialized manga Ulysses before his childhood friend convinced him to turn it into a light novel instead.

Maybe I'll just watch episodes featuring Scarlet or Honey.

There's a decent chance I'll pick up the series again someday after it's complete. I'll just have to somehow remember that I left off at the episode where Enya forces Polnareff to lick a dirty toilet. I'm also dropping the second cour of Space Dandy because I lost interest in following the show week-to-week. At least I won't have to worry about continuity with Space☆Dandy 2nd Season since all the episodes appear to be standalone canned adventures. Well, unless I discover Honey quits Boobies and joins the crew to hunt for unregistered aliens instead, I guess.

Dated 9 August 2014: I dropped both Rail Wars! and Zankyou no Terror

You stole this idol pose from Spider-Man, Noah.

Rail Wars! is insipid. The only reason I lasted five episodes is because of its voice cast. Wasting an assemblage that includes Horie Yui, Numakura Manami, Chihara Minori, and Nakahara Mai in a production this weak is a travesty. Rail Wars! is not just a poor effort, it is offensively bad. Rail Wars! wasn't satisfied contriving unlikely scenarios for Potato-kun to accidentally brush up against SHOCKING BREASTS while stumbling through loosely train-based ordeals of little imagination and worse execution, it also had to be incredibly lazy at it. Rail Wars! straight up insults its viewers, even ones normally on board with low-brow harem comedies that devote considerable time providing licentious pandering. I'm tempted to believe the Rail Wars! production is a false flag operation created by a shadowy consortium in the anime industry that is conspiring to stamp out both harem comedies and fan service as well as the nascent nationalistic anime movement with a one-two punch simply by being completely awful at everything. I can't explain how else anyone could have fucked up an anime about TRAINS and gun-toting girls in tight-fitting uniforms this bad.

If Lisa wasn't forced to wear a seifuku she'd wear all black clothes.

I dropped Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance) because I had no interest in its three lead characters. I'm sort of disenchanted with 9, 12, and Lisa for the same reasons I disliked Mikado, Anri, and that other chucklehead in Durarara!!. In a way, Zankyou no Terror is just as guilty as Sword Art Online II in being, ahem, CHUUNI1 AS FUCK. Kids are a pain in the neck, and I have no interest in seeing 9 and 12 triumph over a corrupt and indolent adult society. I don't give a shit about Lisa either. And I'm tired of seeing that one fucker make his stupid :3 cat mouth all the time.

Note 1: As it became an anime buzzword, chuunibyou evolved to suggest a farcical devotion to imaginary mystical powers and past lives. (See, for example, Kyoto Animation's Moe Blob atrocity, the flashbacks in Oreshura, and whateverthefuckelse.) However, when I scornfully reference chuuni kids, I'm referring to sophomoric bombasts who fantasize about an unstoppable proficiency and mastery of the real world via theoretically reachable means. (See, for example, the crazy deductive powers in Death Note, unbeatable video game skills in Sword Art Online, serendipitous crowdsourcing in Durarara!!, and all the nonsense 9 and 12 do in Zankyou no Terror.)

Dated 18 July 2014: Spring 2014 season wrapup

Fredrica and Akira
This cat is so chill.

Just a few months ago, I noted I followed an unusually large (for me) number of shows. This time around, I tried following too many shows and ended up DNFing on shows I wanted to follow but didn't get around to finishing even though I never officially dropped them. Apart from that, there were no major deviations from my expectations addressed during my initial impressions.