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Dated 12 June 2018: In defense of DARLING in the FRANXX

Look, it ain't that bad, okay.

Depending on which corner of the anime fandom you find yourself, I imagine you're either on the side that doesn't believe DARLING in the FRANXX needs defending, or in the camp that doesn't believe it deserves defending. My basic perspective on the show is that it is not capital-G Good, nor is it part of the "bad but has good parts in it" category, but rather that it is a flawed result of some efforts that I genuinely appreciate.


Dated 14 February 2012: I forgot to prepare a Valentine's Day post

Umehara and two unnamed men
Umehara diverts a cram school brute squad.

<&Seem> The official website for the Amagami SS+ romance anime series announced on Tuesday that the anime's seventh Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume will contain an episode arc for the Miya Tachibana character from Enterbrain's original Amagami game. The episode will be titled "Onsen"
< Evirus> Seem, that rowdy faction that wants to see Potato-kun get it on with his kid sister just won't quit. Maybe they'll continue selling how Junichi's friend is a good wingman and have him nail Miya during her arc. Mainstream NTR could become the next thing and Amagami SS+ can claim to have pioneered it.
< Totalizator> i can see mainstream NTR annoying the shit out of me
< Totalizator> lets take the eternal trope of the protag never boning anyone and add a subplot where his friend is boning his harem behind his back
< Totalizator> ...hmm actually that would be an improvement

Fujimura Shougo and Misumi Nagisa
Via Twitter:

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart needs an OVA where Nagisa beats the REAL final boss, Fujimura Shougo (Fujipi-senpai) and captures his heart.