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Dated 22 December 2013: The Makoto episode shows the Hibiki episode how it's done

Makoto, that hat's wearing you.

As I stated earlier, one of the biggest problems with the Hibiki episode of The iDOLM@STER TV is that it doesn't feel as if it's really about Hibiki. It's about Hamzou and Inumi and 961PRO as much as or more than it is about Hibiki herself. The following episode, on the other hand, is a Makoto episode which is very much about Makoto.


Dated 23 February 2011: Sometime I worry IS: Infinite Stratos isn't really trying

Ichika and Charles
Look on the bright side. Tea brewed that hot probably would have tasted terrible.

Just so you know, the closet transvestite in Infinite Stratos is basically the least convincing boy in the history of anime. And I'm not just saying that because Ichika's harem runs so deep that you can assume any character in a five-episode radius around him is female—even ones that are able to hide their breasts in Flatspace while in "disguise." Also, while I do like dere Yukana, I'm a little disappointed every girl in the school appears to be kinda unintelligent. Maybe it's because the school is filled with the anime science fiction equivalent of dumb jocks.

Dated 24 December 2008: Ouran Host Club is a Maaya Sakamoto vehicle

Not actually Haruhi. Not that Haruhi either.

I've been meaning to mention for more than two years that Ouran Host Club is a pretty good series, although one that could not have worked without Maaya Sakamoto in the lead role. Despite the delay, I still managed to post this (admittedly lackluster) Ouran Host Club entry ahead of Maaya Sakamoto fanboy Zyl. How hontou ni sou omou? doesn't have an Ouran Host Club category, I have no idea.

Actually Renge. But not that Renge.

In other news, Renge is the Best Girl in Ouran Host Club. By far. And I'm not just saying that because the rest of the cast is predominantly male.