Last updated September 06, 2006.

March 28, 2005:

Freedom and Savior
Okay, who's next?

Well, they made Kira and Freedom ridiculously powerful in Gundam SEED Destiny episode 23. He was working everybody all by himself, and he wasn't even trying at all. As far as I can tell, the only hope anyone had of stopping Kira in episode 23 would have been Stellar, by getting on the radio and screaming at him until he got Flay flashbacks and froze up long enough for Athrun to seize him and self-destruct yet another mobile suit.

You really don't want to get in Stellar's way when she's mad.

In other news, Stellar is a lot more likeable when she's screeching with diabolic, pathological rage than she is when she's doing her idiotic Chii impression.

April 04, 2005:

There's really no way to discuss this without invoking a number of Gundam SEED spoilers, so just avert your eyes or something.

Milly and Athrun
"So sorry about killing your boyfriend last season."

I heartily approve of Lunamaria: Stalker Edition

Seeing Lunamaria going into stalker mode was the best part of Gundam SEED Destiny episode 24—even better than the onsen scene that comes out of nowhere.

I have to say Lunamaria's street clothes are not at all what I would expect her character to wear, though.

April 18, 2005:

Meer Campbell and her goons
Meer Campbell and her goons

I am now convinced that Meer Campbell was the one who tried to have Lacus killed. No, seriously, it was Campbell all along.

In other news, it's too bad Shinn Asuka won't die until the end of the series (if at all, seeing as how he is ostensibly the main character). He really could be the Sonny Corleone of Gundam SEED Destiny.

May 05, 2005:

Tactical display
Minerva tactical display

It's a trivial thing to be concerned about when you consider the need for suspension of disbelief in so many other aspects of the show, but it bugs me that a plot point in episode 28 of Gundam SEED Destiny focused on Minerva being pinned by naval forces against Crete. Minerva is a freaking space ship. They've already established that she's also capable of atmospheric flight. Why couldn't she have just lifted off and flown to safety, leaving the water-bound pursuit ships behind long before the enemy fighters scrambled? It's a mystery.

May 15, 2005:

Stellar's seashell
Because everyone got tired of Mayu's phone

Regarding Gundam SEED Destiny episode 30:

  • Were it not for the fact that we know next to nothing about Rey, I would not have believed he would help Shinn in that situation.
  • Cagalli has been WORTHLESS this entire season. Now that there have been 30 episodes of Destiny, it's pretty much official that she is a shitty character the majority of the time. I'm reluctant to actually compare her episode count from each season, because then I would know for sure. It's quite a shame, since she was a pretty good character during the first season—awesome, even.
    • Since Cagalli is dead to me, I propose they just go with the Lunamaria/Athrun thing they've been hinting at all season. Give them a couple of episodes to commiserate and, uh, lick their wounds, and then commence Operation Copulation.
    • Or, you know, just have Cagalli die. Either way.
  • Orb sucks.
  • Still waiting on that Meer Campbell v. Lacus Clyne dance-off.
  • I still don't understand why Stellar is capable of forming complete sentences when she's shrieking in rage during battle, but the rest of the time she talks like Chii.

June 02, 2005:

Shiho Hahnenfuss Fanboys, assemble.

You heard it here first: Houko Kuwashima is going to voice Shiho Hasenpfeffer who had damn well be appearing shortly. Why do I say that? Because otherwise Houko Kuwashima is going to have to sit out the rest of the season, and that would be wrong.

Shiho Hahnenfuss
Shiho, or so I'm told.

Well, I suppose she could come back as Flay Kenobi and make Kira insane. That would be okay, too.

P.S. Spoilers.

June 09, 2005: Gundam SEED Destiny

It's another Shiho Hahnenfuss sighting. Episode 33 brings us the clearest look yet. Maybe someday she'll actually talk.

Dearka Elsman Shiho Hahnenfuss
Dearka Elsman and Shiho Hahnenfuss

Also, when I said that Houko Kuwashima would be voicing "Shiho Hasenpfeffer," that was pure speculation on my part simply because all of her other characters have DIED and it would be a shame to have her sit out the remaining 18 episodes or so of the season.

Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up because I wasn't more clear.


Lunamaria and Athrun
Lunamaria chats up Athrun

In other news, my goodness, but Lunamaria sure talks dirty.