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The "Estella Warren Epiphany" was the name of my old, crappy Crosswinds.net website from the late twentieth century. It featured a picture of Estella Warren pretending to go camping (which I found on the Magikal Interweb) and a handful of my own scans.

The Estella Warren Epiphany 1.0 pulled over a thousand hits per day, serving up Estella Warren wallpaper, large pictures, and free nudes, but the nice Crosswinds folks shut everything down when they realized there was no money to be made in giving out bandwidth for free.

I thought Crosswinds was dead, but it appears they're back, and my account is still active, but all the files are gone. That's okay; it's all about the Christy Turlington now, anyway.

Update, August 28, 2002:   Yeah, my old Crosswinds site is dead again, but I can't be bothered to bring it back.