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January 24, 2006: Fate/Stay Night.

Like just about every other high-speed anime-type watcher, I've been following Type Moon's follow-up to Shingetsutan Tsukihime, the much anticipated Fate/Stay Night. Only three episodes have aired so far, but I have mixed feelings about the show.

I love standing-in-circles magik. True story.

My primary complaint with the show (one I expect to share with a great many viewers), is that it's pretty slow. So far next to nothing has happened, and the third episode in particular was filled with exposition. Hopefully, this is all just to set up the necessary background information before they can start the show in earnest.

Archer and Rin
Rin is a little disappointed with her summoning.

I also don't care much for wacky elements, mostly involving "Tiger-sensei" and her antics. I find the changes in tone quite jarring, and not at all amusing so far.

However, I have no intention of abandoning the show, since it's TYPE-MOON, for crying out loud, and any good anime fan should be geeked about any Type-Moon anime, at least until the inevitable backlash that hits anything that draws fanboys.

But I digress.


My other reasons for continuing to watch Fate/Stay Night religiously are twofold. First, the real star of the show so far, Rin, is an absolute triumph in character design, much as Arcueid was in Tsukihime. She's also voiced by Ueda Kana, the voice of Yumi in Maria-sama ga Miteru, which is exciting news to a lot of people, although I'm rather ambivalent towards this fact.


This brings me to my second reason for watching Fate/Stay Night: The Ayako Doctrine. Yes, Kawasumi Ayako voices Saber. Again, this is very exciting news to a lot of people. I, however, am merely pleased to hear the Ayako battle cry again, although truth be told, you should look to something like Kurau: Phantom Memory (quite a good show, as a matter of fact) if that's all you're interested in. (We'll also be getting the Asakawa Yuu battle cry again shortly, I expect.) Saber is insanely popular, but so far she has to take a back seat to Rin.

I can't help but think this segment of the OP looks really cool.

Did I mention Rin is this early year's top contender for Best Character Design honors? Yeah, it's freaking January, but I think Rin has got a chance to boat race this one.

February 19, 2006: Fate/Stay Night.

Rin, Taiga, and Emiya
Fate/Stay Harem.

I fully support this development, even if ol' Taiga-sensei apparently does not.

February 27, 2006: Fate/Stay Night.

You know, I should probably be more disappointed with the pacing in Fate/Stay Night, but I just don't care. The lead characters could just sit around all day talking and I would probably be satisfied, just so long as Saber got to ask for another bowl of rice every once in a while in between bitching Emiya out.

Saber, Emiya, and Rin
So when does Rider move in?

Also, someone find me some fan art of Rin cosplaying in Eclair's cross dress. If it doesn't exist, it damn well should.

In other news, the Fate/Stay Harem satisfies all expectations. Well, I would like to know how Saber is getting her mana.

May 28, 2006: Fate/Stay Night.

Rin laughs at Emiya
I'm right there with you, Rin.

In other news, episode 21 of Fate/Stay Night (my point-five show) contained the most lackluster implied sex scene I remember seeing. Criminy, someone finally tops off Saber's mana the sensible way and it gets less service than her discovery of lightsaber battles. At least have Rin make fun of the awkward couple.

May 20, 2006: Fate/Stay Night.

Unless something divine occurs in the remaining episodes of Fate/Stay Night, I'm going to go ahead and say that Arcueid of Shingetsutan Tsukihime > Saber.

June 20, 2006: Fate/Stay Night.

This was kinda unexpected.

So, the final tally for the Fate/Stay Night anime:

  • Shingetsutan Tsukihime > Fate/Stay Night
  • Shiki > Shiro
  • Arcueid > Rin
  • Ciel > Saber

The best part of the final episode is Ilya scrubbing floors.

Overall, not a bad series, but not especially good. It didn't keep my attention, anyway. It needed more Rin/Stay Night, to tell you the truth.

June 28, 2006: Fate/Stay Night.

You know what would have made Fate/Stay Night better? If Rider's clothes had all been yellow.


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