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October 08, 2004:

Tenma and Harima
Tenma and Harima

School Rumble is awesome. However, there is a possibility that I'm only saying that because I'm a sucker for parody, Yui Horie, and bicycle chases.

October 15, 2004:

Tenma's great plan
Tenma's great plan

School Rumble is quite pleasant to watch. Poor Tenma is not particularly bright, though.

The show is fairly amusing, but nothing in the first two episodes has been as funny as the mamachari chase in the first episode.

November 04, 2004:

School Rumble is great. I've said this before, but I think the show deserves greater mention.

Tenma steeling herself up
Tenma steeling herself up

School Rumble is about Tenma's secret crush on Kurasuma-something-or-other (it's not really important), and about Harima's secret crush on Tenma.

Tenma is a fairly normal high school girl. She's a little denser than her classmates, but usually in good spirits, and is generally a sweet kid. Tenma has a crush on Kurashima-something-or-other who is about as boring and generic as possible. He might as well be one of the male students from Azumanga Daioh.

Harima surreptitously collecting love advice
Harima surreptitiously collecting love advice

Harima is a tough high school student with a reputation for being a bit of a hoodlum. He gets into fights a lot and is widely feared by the rest of the student body. He's in love with Tenma, for reasons yet unknown. Whatever it was, Tenma changed his life, and Harima is now reformed. However, everyone still fears him because they're intimidated by Harima's sizable reputation.

School Rumble is quite funny at times. Episode three in particular was very good. The show is charming, and does have an Azumanga Daioh feel to it, both in the type of humor and with some of the animation.

Overall, School Rumble looks to be one of the best shows this season.

Oh, and episode four could be subtitled Sakaki and the Magic X-Box Kitten

February 15, 2005:

Harima and Tenma
Harima getting advice from Tenma

Ah ha ha. School Rumble can be so awesome sometimes.

P.S. Eri > Tenma.

April 27, 2005:

For any given show with an ensemble cast, one thing is certain: Rival factions will develop to boastfully assert and argue the alleged superiority of their characters of choice over all the other members of the show. These factions typically develop early in the life of the series, and their constituents relentlessly adhere to their respective adopted positions in what can only be politely described as unwavering zealous fanaticism.

Eri = best
Sawachika Eri

Such is the case with School Rumble, with its charming cast of engaging characters. However, let me state for the record, without any hint of dogmatic devotion, that in the case of School Rumble, there ought not be any debate regarding character superiority, as it is readily apparent that the matter of character supremacy is well settled, since obviously Eri is the best.

May 03, 2005:

I need to find this season's Yui Horie vehicle. And if there isn't one, there damn well ought to be. It seems she has a part in Futakoi Alternative, which works out great because Futakoi Alternative is totally awesome. However, her character hasn't shown up yet, so it's probably a small part. Tell you what, give us another season of School Rumble and we'll call it even.

Speaking of which...

Cure Rumble
Cure Rumble

Nagisa? Honoka?

May 09, 2005:

Harima, Akira, and Hanai
Harima, Akira, and Hanai

Seriously, guys, we need a second season of School Rumble posthaste.


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