Last updated December 30, 2005.

June 16, 2005: Futakoi Alternative

This is mostly just a cheat sheet to help me remember the names of the supporting characters of Futakoi Alternative:

Sakurazuki Zenji
Sakurazuki Zenji, age 72

Yamada Kankurou
Yamada Kankurou, age 23


Kinoshita Hinokichi
Kinoshita Hinokichi, age 26

Koto Michiru
Koto Michiru, 36, manager of Sugisaku, a crouquet shop/carnicería.

Hariyama Nishimori
Hariyama "Dirty Harry" Nishimori

Kimihiko (Mitsugi?)
Kimihiko (Mitsugi?)

Shimojima. Kimihiko's employee
Shimojima Kirishima. Kimihiko's employee. Elephant.

June 20, 2005: Futakoi Alternative

Futakoi Alternative mugs 2.0
My Futakoi Alternative mugs 2.0

Well, I made myself a second set of Futakoi Alternative mugs. Yeah, it is a little obsessive.

July 08, 2005: Futakoi Alternative

Rentarou and Souju double-ride a bicycle
Rentarou and Souju double-ride a bicycle.

My favorite episode of Futakoi Alternative is episode nine, and my favorite scene from that episode is Rentarou and Souju double-riding a bicycle. I'd watch an entire series based on that alone.

December 10, 2005: Futakoi Alternative

Futakoi Alternative was recently fansubbed to completion. It was nice to revisit this excellent series and watch the final episodes again.

Germany is fraught with peril
Not your ordinary self-destruct.

Joining Dokkoida?! and 2x2 = Shinobuden, Futakoi Alternative makes it three-for-three for series I've enjoyed a great deal from ufotable.

Futakoi Alternative did not disappoint in the quality (if not the quantity) of its frenetic action promised by the first episode, and developed a love story I genuinely cared about for a change (although my view on it seems to depart from the norm a bit).

It also helped that I got consistent Gainax vibes from the show; they manifested themselves in tone and direction as well as in the overt Kare Kano references.

Rentarou, Souju, and Sara
Rentarou, Souju, and Sara

I hasten to add that despite the Gainax vibes, the series did conclude with a wedding instead of a funeral, as it surely would have had Futakoi Alternative been a Gainax production.

Incidentally, revisiting the Controvery of the Sheets, specifically the 11:10 screenshot, I'd like to add that in the context of the episode the shot can easily be construed as a flashback and thus not contradictory to the inferences I drew from the sequence's implications. That said, I do concede that Nothing Happened.


Sugei inaka....Sugei....