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Dated 10 June 2008: Remembering Akane Maniax

Did you ever watch Akane Maniax? Wait, let me back up. Did you ever watch Kimi ga Nozomu Eien? Pretty God awful show all around except for the Ayu-Mayu Theater bits. Well, Akane Maniax was supposed to be its redemption (the same way the first episode of Futakoi Alternative got people excited about Futakoi's redemption). Well, Akane Maniax managed to blow it all with a rather wretched last episode, which is quite an achievement for an OVA series that short.

This was all years ago, so I don't have any screenshots, but I do have this:

Akane centipedes ad
A joke so old it probably needs an explanation.
I hope there's a Wikipedia entry about vaginal centipedes.

Like I said, it was years ago. Oh, and Akane Maniax also gave us this:

Akane Maniax Ani-Maga scan

I should probably check to see if Kinokuniya still sells Ani-Maga, to tell you the truth.