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Dated 12 November 2006: Hataraki Man

Hiroko Matsukata
Hiroko Matsukata.

Hataraki Man reminds me of Honey and Clover except in a busy workplace instead of a laid-back art school. And also with lots of '80s cocaine.

Hiroko Matsukata and Kimio Narita
Matsukata and Narita.

Incidentally, it's compulsory for Tanaka Rie fans, since she talks non-stop and also gets to show off her acting chops.

Dated 22 November 2006: Hataraki Man

Akihisa Kobayashi
Akihisa Kobayashi, Food and Porn Editor extraordinaire.

The fat guy on Hataraki Man rules.

Dated 24 March 2007: Hataraki Man


Hataraki Man is so good it makes me hope for a 54 spinoff of some variety.

Chiba, a salesman.

I particularly like how it devotes time telling the stories of side characters who aren't really in the rest of the show very much. They're nice glimpses into the jobs and goals and daily drudgery of various people just trying to live their lives day by day.

Matsukata's signature pose
Matsukata's signature pose.

I don't quite fully understand the forehead-pointing pose, though.

Dated 10 August 2008: To tell you the truth, Tanaka Rie is kinda weird

This list needs more Hataraki Man.

Ha ha. Chobits.