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Dated 21 September 2007: Needs more HD Macross

Hikaru Ichijyo.

I am geeking myself up for the new Macross by watching Macross Flashback 2012, like, every day. (Listening to it, really.) If you haven't seen Flashback 2012, it's basically a half-hour AMV featuring Minmay songs and video clips from Cho Jiku Yosai and Do You Remember Love? (Mostly from the latter, it seems.)

Lynn Minmay.

Ostensibly, the plot of Flashback 2012 involves the final concert of Lynn Minmay on Earth, and ol' Minmay showing that she can still work an audience and deliver a quality performance. (As an aside, it once seemed unlikely to American audiences that a 16-year-old could capture the adoration of the pop music world the way Minmay did, but in light of the slew of American teen pop idols in the last decade, perhaps past skepticism should have been reserved for the implication in Flashback 2012—that a teenage pop music superstar can escape the borders of washed-up Traumaramistan, and still electrify a war-weary crowd years later. But I digress.)


If you haven't seen any Macross, do yourself a favor and watch Cho Jiku Yosai. It's one of my Top Four Shows, and one of the few series that I heartily recommend without qualification. (And as much as I liked Robotech when I first saw it, it's an abortion compared to Cho Jiku Yosai.)

Miss Macross has still got it. And how.

Moreover, its non-pacifistic anti-war themes likely resonate well with first-time audiences today, given the current political environment. Then again, by recommending Cho Jiku Yosai, there's a chance that real-world pacifists may be offended by the underlying Macross theme: The best way to end war is via the Power of Song, and the power of kicking the shit out of the enemy with your giant robot. I, for, one, am willing to take that chance. (Oh yeah, and the Power of Love Triangles.)