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Dated 5 March 2010: I could go for some more NieA_7

Mayuko is weary. Young girls they do get weary.

I started watching NieA_7 without knowing anything about the plot, the story, or the characters. However, what I did know comprised three solid reasons for watching NieA_7. First, the Ayako Doctrine. I really enjoy these roles of hers—that is, mostly unremarkable earnest girls that always seem a little sad. Second, the Miyamura Yuko Directive compels me to watch shows with Asuka's seiyuu in it. True story. Third, it's by that guy responsible for Haibane Renmei, Yoshitoshi ABe.

Mayuko and NieA
NieA is a freeloader crashing in Mayuko's humble room.

Thanks to a Pioneer/Geneon fire sale, I bought the DVDs for next to nothing despite knowing zilch about NieA_7. It is a pretty simple Mayuko's-daily-life sort of show that is soothing and pleasant even if it romanticizes borderline poverty. Really, I'd watch a hundred episodes of this. It makes me want to go to cram schools, sit on the roof, work part-time jobs, and take a lot of baths.