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Dated 19 January 2014: It appears we have two shows about farms this season

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New character.

The excellent Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) from summer 2013 returns winter 2014. This second cour picks up where the first left off. Through two episodes, it appears to be as good as it was. Joining Silver Spoon is another show with an agricultural theme: No-Rin (also spelled Nourin). Although Silver Spoon is not necessarily "better" than No-Rin, the former does appeal to me quite a bit more than the latter.


Dated 17 February 2014: Belated season introduction to winter 2014 shows

Pilder fucking on!

I should probably put together a season introduction for Winter 2014, considering that half of it has already passed. At this time, I'm still following 14 15 of the shows currently airing this cour (Jesus Christ, fourteen FIFTEEN?), and may add Gundam Build Fighters if I ever get around to starting it. I present the following shows in order of their precedence on the chart at the time I started writing this sucker, but you shouldn't put too much weight on their positions or particular ratings because this ain't anime titration, you know.


Dated 20 April 2014: Winter 2014 Season Summary

Hachiken's actually about to have his mom's home cooking for the first time in ages.

I feel as if I watched too many shows last season. However, there also isn't anything that I regret not dropping. Does that mean the winter 2014 season was particularly good or does it mean I'm not making very good use of my spare time? Maybe it's both. There were quite a few good shows, or at least okay shows with lots of good moments.