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Dated 22 August 2009: WELCOME HOM3, Mahoro

Obligatory: Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu!

News of a two-part Mahoromatic special to air in October is very welcome news indeed. I am invoking the Ayako Doctrine on the official website. Visitation is compulsory.

Sadly, this also reminds me that I inexcusably waited too long to acquire Mahoromatic DVDs, and had to settle for the Sentai Filmworks releases instead of the Pioneer or Geneon ones. Using two DVD-5 discs for each season is a disservice to the show. Hopefully there will be a Blu-ray relase in the future through which I may at least partially redeem myself. [Update: Blu-ray release in the U.S.A., that is.]

Dated 30 July 2011: Season two of Mahoromatic isn't as good as I remember

Mahoro and Suguru
There's also a lot of nudity in Mahoromatic.

I waited too long to buy Mahoromatic DVDs, and by the time I did the beautiful art boxes were out of print and I settled on the Sentai Filmworks six-episode-per disc collection of digital artifacts. (I figured I'd buy Blu-rays eventually anyway.) Even so, I waited over a year before actually re-watching the show.

Just stay down, Minawa.

Unfortunately, I don't care for the second season Mahoromatic as much as I initially did. I always did like the first season better, and Kawasumi Ayako is still wonderful as Mahoro, but I like Minawa no more than I initially did. Actually, I think I like Minawa even less this time around. If I remember right, Minawa is responsible for my intense dislike of dojikko "adorably clumsy" girls. Since I also hate Retard Moe (think Chii from Chobits, Stellar from Gundam SEED Destiny, and Yui from K-On!), this means I basically can't stand any scene Minawa is in. It doesn't help that this time around I'm fully aware of the Minawa-based spoilers from the end of the season. I've never forgiven her.