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Dated 11 June 2016: I don't even know how long sea slugs normally live

Sea Slug Team
Wait, what happens to the mascot? Is Kabitzin going to throw her out into the street?

Whenever some anime blog called it quits after three or four years of frantic, enthusiastic activity, I used to crack that it was just another flash in the pan. But, truth be told, four years is a really long time to maintain an active anime blog. However, ever since I found myself in the dubious position of (I'm pretty sure, at least) being the oldest currently active English language anime blog in the known universe, I haven't really kept up with all the ones that have come and gone.

Blogsuki is on the Twitter and even has an anime avatar (if you remember).

However, Sea Slug Team was one of the old old anime blogs, so it's sad to see it go. Once Kabitzin started rotating in new writers, I guess I just sort of assumed the blog could go on indefinitely by regularly seeking out new blood. Hell, I don't even remember who the original members were anymore. I'm pretty sure Kabitzin was one of them, and not just the site's current Dread Pirate Roberts.

Tokyo Jupiter
Tokyo Jupiter is also on the Twitter, but doesn't write about anime nearly as much.

So who's left among the pre-Cosprayers anime blogs? Blogsuki is still active, although perhaps not as prolific as it once was "back in the day." Speaking of which, I also can't remember what Blogsuki was called in the past. I'm pretty sure the name and URL changed at least once, though. Tokyo Jupiter is technically still around, although not on the original domain anymore, not strictly an anime blog either, and hasn't updated in more than two years. I can tell I've been doing this too long when I think "27 months without an update isn't that long."