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Dated 29 September 2015: Chaos Dragon would have been better as a documentary

Ulrica and Meryl
I don't know why Ulrica has wings on her boobs,
but they're probably for generating downforce.

I'm tempted to describe Chaos Dragon as the broth of too many cooks, but I'm not quite optimistic enough to believe that. More likely it's just your regular ol' half-assed train wreck. As I understand it (and certainly do not rely on my impressions as the truth, garnered as they were from the rumor and conjecture of various secondary sources), Chaos Dragon is an anime adaptation of a real-world Red Dragon role-playing game campaigned by esteemed writers and directors including Nasu Kinoko (Fate/stay night), Narita Ryohgo (Durarara!!!), and Urobuchi Gen (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika). The actual anime itself is incoherent and frankly terrible in wholly unremarkable ways. I have no interest in the lead character, Ibuki, and never agreed there was a good reason to make this kid king. I also didn't care about that nonsense about the Red Dragon's powers, or killing suicidal friends, and definitely not the bewildering responses to news about his sister.

Qisha and Lou
The coffin is for carrying around Lou's talking sword.

Basically the only parts of the anime I found entertaining were Sir Swallow's amusing curse and Lou's psychotic behavior. Sir Swallow's curse destroys any tools he uses (man, that is such a Nasu thing to come up with), so his swords disintegrate after each slash, his teacups shatter after each sip, and, well, you get the idea. I was also under the impression his sexual partners would suffer grisly fates, because I guess they would count as tools as far as his curse is concerned (again, such a Nasu idea), unless they are protected by plot prophylactics. Lou (Urobuchi Gen's Not Chaika lady who carries around a coffin) was interesting because she goes around killing people and not being particularly nice about it. For example, she killed the most aerodynamic character in the show and lugged the severed head around for the sole purpose of hucking it at Sir Swallow later.

Sir Swallow
Sir Swallow's solution? Carry around a box magazine of extra swords.

To me, Sir Swallow and Lou are both characters perfectly suited to their respective creators. I can't claim that my impressions of Nasu and Urobuchi are necessarily accurate, but I would much rather have watched a home video of the Red Dragon campaign that inspired the Chaos Dragon anime. I think it would have been pretty interesting to see how these authors interacted with each other, particularly if their associated reputations match stereotypes fitting their previous work. I can't promise even this would still be compelling for 12 episodes, but I'm pretty confident it would have been more amusing than the Chaos Dragon anime.