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Dated 27 December 2006: N.H.K. ni Youkoso

Welcome to the N.H.K. is the least Gonzo-type Gonzo show I've seen in a while. I'm fairly satisfied with the ending, and I'm intrigued enough that I may start reading the manga. I understand that the two diverge somewhat in their approaches and plotlines.


I can fully understand how Satou feels about Misaki, but I have to wonder if I would care about what happens to her nearly as much if she wasn't cute. I mean, Misaki is kinda Cocoa Puffs, but she's also curiously angelic. (This is pretty much also how Satou sees her.)

Sato and Misaki
Satou and Misaki.

As for Satou, I like how despicable a person he is, but I didn't care much for the show's attempts at humor during which Satou freaks out and grossly overreacts to something. These moments remind me too much of Hideki from Chobits.

It's a fence.
This should have been more subtle.

Speaking of which, I'm convinced that Chobits would have been a much better show if Hideki had been a hikkimori. Alas, it was ronin that were all the rage back then. Opportunity wasted.

Dated 10 August 2008: To tell you the truth, Tanaka Rie is kinda weird

This list needs more Hataraki Man.

Ha ha. Chobits.