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Dated 7 August 2008: Re-starting He Is My Master

News of the He Is My Master mangakas' divorce reminded me that I never finished watching the anime. Being a Gainax whore and loathe to drop any series on a matter of principle (neverending shounen series aside), this seemed like a good excuse to start over and marathon the show in one fell swoop.

Mitsuki, Yoshitaka, Izumi, and Anna
I would have been all smiles at a Gainax ending.

Turns out He Is My Master is just as awful as I remember. I blame Shaft, mostly because the He Is My Master anime is so conventional and uniformly lousy. The only interesting features were the occasional Gainax references.

Even Kawasumi Ayako's appearance late in the series couldn't save He Is My Master. AYAKO DOCTRINE aside, I have to say that this was one of her weakest roles. If I had to guess, I'd say she phoned this in and was only involved for the Mahoromatic Gainax maids show association. Maybe she was contractually bound. (Or should I say indentured?)