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Dated 5 October 2003: Chrno Crusade wallpaper

Sister Rosette from Chrno Crusade.
Sister Rosette 1600x1200.

Chrno Crusade is a new anime by GONZO based on the eponymous manga. Why it's called Chrno Crusade instead of Chrono Crusade, I have no idea, except that it's probably either (a) artistic license or (b) because the Japanese suck at English. Anyway, this is a picture of Sister Rosette. I've read some of the manga, but rather than tell you what Chrno Crusade is all about, let me just point out that BLOND NUN WITH GUN + GONZO ANIME = INSTANT WIN. Chrno Crusade begins airing October 19th.

Dated 12 October 2003: Chrno Crusade

Those of you interested in knowing more about Chrno Crusade are encouraged to visit, a very comprehensive site.

Dated 25 November 2003: Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade title screen
Chrno Cruade title screen

The first episode of Chrno Crusade has aired, and it's a beauty. The Chrno Crusade anime is a GONZO production inspired by the manga. The first episode really highlights all great stylistic elements for which GONZO Digimation is famous:  great-looking characters, frenetic and exciting action sequences, and animation with computer assisted muscle behind it.

No, it's not spelled Chrono, it is Chrno, or at least it was until ADV licensed it.

Chrno Crusade setting
The setting of Chrno Crusade.

The first episode of Chrno Crusade quickly establishes that, like the manga, the anime is going to be fun and filled with hijinks intercut with kicking ass for the Lord. It appears that the Chrno Crusade anime will also combine serious moments with comedic elements. It doesn't look like we'll have to worry about the show taking itself too seriously—which shouldn't have been much of a concern to begin with, if you think about it. I mean, c'mon, it's about NUNS WITH GUNS. Speaking of which, I want to see Sister Rosette twirling a short-barreled ring-lever Winchester. That would fucking own.

Sister Rosette
Sister Rosette

Episode One's story follows the manga, with a few appropriate adaptations. It's pretty much a given that the anime will not develop all of the manga's plotlines, seeing as how the anime appears to be slated for only 13 episodes.


As for the first episode, I'm rather surprised at how rich and colorful it looks. There are a lot of dark scenes, but back in the sunlight, the nuns' habits are vibrant with deep blues, and the skies and scenery are also well saturated. I was impressed with the fast action sequences that highlight Sister Rosette's agility and improvisational talents. If you want to compare it to other GONZO productions, the fight sequences and rapid zooms (you'll see what I mean) evoke the best qualities of the VanDread mecha fights (sans sterile CGI), rather than the uneven and often plodding punishment-absorbing themes found in Hellsing.

Sister Rosette's large pendant
A close-up of something important to the show.

Somewhat appropriately, Chrno Crusade incorporates cross-shaped explosions. However, they aren't obtrusive, and are much more understated than the ones in Evangelion

Sister Rosette
Sister Rosette doing the Lord's work

It's also quite obvious that Sister Rosette is teeming with mischief. She is certainly a spirited character, and reminds me quite a bit of Asuka in the earlier episodes (before her life went to Hell again) and a more cheerful Grenda from Puchi Puri Yuushi. Her voice is rather like a happy Naru from Love Hina or Ranpha from Galaxy Angel. She's also practically still a kid, albeit a talented one, and probably (like I said) prone to hijinks.


The first episode of Chrno Crusade did not disappoint, and I am eagerly awaiting more. REPENT! REPENT!

Sister Rosette
Sister Rosette will proselytize your sorry ass