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Dated 9 July 2008: I write Horie Yui, but my heart says Yui Horie: Part One (not actually about Hocchan)

Why don't I own any Earth Defender Mao-chan DVDs? After hearing "All My Love" pop up on my Horie Yui Sweetness playlist, this strikes me as a shocking omission in my vast DVD library. (Read: "cybrary." More on that some other day. Weeaboos, make your own toshokan-persocom jokes.) Considering that Earth Defender Mao-chan contains a canonical Love Hina crossover (it is too—don't lie) AND is responsible for the "Everything in America is Big" macro, the omission in unforgivable.

Dated 11 July 2008: I write Horie Yui, but my heart says Yui Horie: Part One Prime (everything in America is BIG)

With some prodding...

I think it would help a lot if there was a screencap.

-- Pete

Everything in America is BIG macro
The world-famous "Everything in America is big!" macro.

P.S. Earth Defender Mao-chan DVDs ordered.

Dated 26 December 2008: Leftover Christmas Cake. In consideration of two-dimensional spinsters


Toradora! prominently features an unmarried woman over the age of 25: Yuri, the teacher (who is actually more than just a little bit past 25). Today's entry celebrates this under-appreciated anime staple.


Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ features Haruka, a lonely 27-year-old who wiles away her time drinking Mexico Beer and playing Tokimeki Memorial Online, quietly envious of her preternaturally perfect student, Sayuri.

Yukari and Nyamo
Yukari and Nyamo strike out after a night trolling for husbands.

Yukari and Nyamo from Azumanga Daioh are unlucky in love, despite being the best teachers in the history of anime. (Yes, better than GTO.)


According the the Mao-chan website, Kagome is 27 years old. She is reassigned to teach at Mao's school. Also, she is desperately in love with Mao's grandfather.

Naturally there are numerous other Christmas Cake characters I am omitting, but let us not dilute attention from these five sweethearts today by crowding the room, eh. You're the BEST GIRLS today, ladies.