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Dated 18 August 2008: Kanokon 4, Kaiba 1

Kouta and Chizuru
Kouta greets Chizuru.

The Great Re-Watching Project has finally given way to the Great Catching Up Initiative. For starters, I watched two episodes of Kanokon. It's dreadful. The sad part is I found them more entertaining than the first episode of Kaiba.

Popo and Warp
Popo greets Warp.

Oh, I'll probably keep watching Kaiba just because everyone says it's so good, but I'll probably keep watching Kanokon along with it, too, just to balance things out.

Kouta and Chizuru
Chizuru talks Kouta into, uh, hitting her.

Actually, before I managed to finish this entry, I watched another two episodes of Kanokon. It's just so wrong. I still haven't watched any more Kaiba. That's probably wrong, too. I blame The Ayako Doctrine. I swear, Chizuru talks even dirtier than Lunamaria.