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Dated 17 August 2012: The Ambition of Nobuna Oda is not a Chu-Bra!! sequel

[Spoilers: Nobuna only has one bra.]

I started watching Oda Nobuna no Yabou due to the promise of Samurai Saten. Well, that's not exactly right, but it works better as a hook than saying Nobuna is a loose retelling of Japan's warring states period except with young girls replacing their historical namesakes. I don't actually know crap about Japanese history, but thankfully Nobuna provides a time-traveling high school kid as a guide. Admittedly, everything he knows about the warring states period comes from video games, but it seems to work out well enough for him, which means it works out well enough for me. It helps that he is not another anime potato. Despite being surrounded by unusually violent and capable girls, he is not a craven weaking. Even more surprisingly, he is also not an unrepentent pervert, even though Nobuna herself spends basically the entire series with one breast hanging out, as—so I want to believe—was the style at the time.

At least "Monkey" won't have to spend four seasons in a chav suit.

Through six episodes, Oda Nobuna no Yabou is better than it has any right to be. While I can't exactly call it a great show, it is entertaining enough, and I can only reluctantly complain that it may "contain too much plot," a criticism that in of itself is so uncommonly encountered with regard to anime that it is arguably more perverse than spending an entire series with one boob hangin' out. (I don't actually want to know whether or not this was the style at the time.)

Dated 16 October 2012: Summer 2012 season summary

Asuna triple-monitor desktop
This was a proof of concept that I will never use
again (because I bought a fourth monitor).

I get the sense I wasn't exposed to a large portion of the shows that aired this season—an obvious consequence of not watching all that much compared to past seasons. Nevertheless, I'm not convinced I actually missed anything, although I do admit a curious fascination with Sword Art Online (despite the profoundly negative reactions to its cour-ending climax). I haven't yet watched a single minute of it, but I have read the first four volumes of the light novels (which I'm expecting the first two cours to cover). Learning that Kajiura Yuki is providing the music has put the show over the top, and I'll probably marathon the summer 2012 segment to catch up with the autumn 2012 episodes. Naturally, this will change my summer 2012 anime summary rankings, but it is late enough already and I can always reflect the addition with an update, so here goes: