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Dated 22 July 2014: I hope the Tokyo ESP anime doesn't forget to have fun.

Kagura and Yomi
Hey, I remember you.

I'm a fan of the Tokyo ESP manga which I discovered after working backwards from the Ga-Rei Zero anime to the Ga-Rei manga. One of the things I like about Tokyo ESP is that it never takes itself too seriously. It has fun with the subject matter and engages the reader by peppering the pages with little gags. The mangaka, Segawa Hajime, also provides short comics detailing the hazards of the creation process and creative decisions leading up to the finished product.


Dated 30 September 2014: Summer 2014 season conclusion

Slaine has seen some shit.

Aldnoah.Zero was far and away the best show from Summer 2014. I know a lot of viewers disagree with this opinion, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of its episodes. I've written a lot about it. Probably too much, considering I don't like it thaaat much even though it did almost get a perfect score on my little chart jobbie.