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Dated 25 August 2008: Neo Ranga probably gets better once the characters stop wearing clothes


I bought the first Neo Ranga DVD despite knowing next to nothing about the show. My reasons for doing so are as follows:

  • I'm an Asuka fanatic, so by extension I'm also a Miyamura Yuko fanatic. Anime News Network's encyclopedia indicates that she is in Neo Ranga, so just as the Ayako Doctrine compels me to consider any show featuring Kawasumi Ayako, the Miyamura Yuko Directive drives me to watch Neo Ranga as a matter of principle.
  • I'm also a Sega fanatic. For some curious reason I'm under the impression that Neo Ranga is influenced by the Sega Dreamcast—not an uncommon occurrence in anime, to tell you the truth.

  • The DVD with collector's box was less than five dollars. I like boxes and I like deep discounts.

Neo Ranga
Neo Ranga. It's thinking.

On the other hand, Neo Ranga is an ADV license, which enhances the a possibilities that (a) the show is terrible, or (b) the show is actually good, but the subtitles are MISS SAKAKI kinds of awful. Still, I'm willing to risk it.


So what did I learn after watching this first DVD?

  • Well, the episodes are half-length, so there are eight on the first DVD.
  • Miyamura Yuko plays a redhead. I kinda saw that coming.
  • Neo Ranga looks like mecha, but has a tail and acts like Godzilla in that it occasionally walks in from the sea to level random parts of Japan.


Through the second episode: The pacing in this show is awful, and the dialog is really stilted.

Minami. (I think.)

Through the third episode: This anime is basically a B-movie. The directing is confusing with way too much shakycam, and the acting is rather appalling, with characters chewing the scenery at all times.


After four episodes: The box art and ED suggest these three girls spend most of the show nude but for some body paint. So far this is not the case at all. I feel cheated.

DVD menu with Yuuhi
The DVD menus are misleading, too.

Yuuhi is the precocious one who lounges about in the expensive lingerie people keep giving her. Kazuo is a teacher who may or may not have designs on her. She's also supposed to be in grammar school, so I can only assume she's been held back a lot.

Yuuhi and Kazuo
Yuuhi and her teacher, Kazuo.

Impotent defense forces feebly attempt to repel Neo Ranga with tanks at point blank range. This is a sound military tactic because it makes it much easier for their giant, monstrous target to snatch them up and smush them. Wait, that's no good. You fools!

Neo Ranga
Neo Ranga. It's smushing.

I was rather pleasantly surprised to discover Kawasumi Ayako in the cast. It's always nice to hear her voice when I'm not expecting it. (Even when the show is He Is My Master.)

It takes five episodes for Neo Ranga to get an OP.

What was episode six about?


After seven, this show is awful. It doesn't help that the subtitles suck, too.

After eight, I don't know if I'm going to buy the rest of the DVDs. I'll need to acquire five more to fill the box. Maybe there will be another ADV fire sale. Alas.