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Dated 16 February 2001: Originally posted "February 16, 19101"

"Princess Mononoke" will be available on VHS for purchase in North America beginning March 13 this year. It is currently available to rent on both VHS and DVD, and available for purchase on DVD. Mark your calendars, eh. "Kiki's Delivery Service" is already available on VHS in both dubbed pan & scan and subtitled widescreen.

Dated 11 March 2001: Originally posted "March 11, 19101"

Good news for you losers without DVD players - "Princess Mononoke" is now available on VHS. Buy this movie now.

Dated 3 August 2001: Originally posted "August 3, 19101"

I got the Nausicaa manga box set and an Eva DVD.

Just out of curiosity, I listened to the English language track on the DVD to see if the dubbing was any good. Holy Christ, it's freaking bad. No surprise. They shouldn't even have bothered - dubs are for people who can't read. Think of it this way: Listen to a dub with your eyes closed - if you can still tell that it's dubbed (or it sounds like total ass), then it's a typical dub - crap. The Spanish and French dubs on the disk, however, aren't quite as bad.

Sadly, the Japanese Asuka can't speak German for shit (and she's supposed to be fluent), but I already knew that.

Dated 25 December 2001: Originally posted "December 25, 19101"

Merry Christmas, fellow carbon units.

One problem I have with "It's a Wonderful Life" is the amount of responsibility and trust the Bailey Building and Loan gave that drunken retard Uncle Billy. Really, couldn't they have just tucked him away in some harmless niche where he couldn't touch the money?

George Bailey
No wonder ol' George looks so haggard.

Other than the Uncle Billy thing and Bert shooting wildly through town at an unarmed man, even I can't nitpick about this movie.

I guess I should at least add this:

George and smoking-hot Mary Bailey

I guarantee that after his X-Mas epiphany, ol' George kept Mary walking funny well into January.

The rather fawning tone of my earlier Nausicaa take does seem to be somewhat of a departure from my usual fare of derision and damnnation.

Keeping in this spirit of uncharacteristic amiability, I've decided to spend a few moments dispensing a few pleasantries.

  • The IBM Model M keyboard is the greatest keyboard of all time and the single best piece of computer equipment I've ever owned.
  • The Benchmade Model 42s Balisong is one helluva nice knife - really well built. Too bad they aren't sold in California.

Dated 13 January 2005: ADV misses an Azumanga Daioh opportunity

ADV was crazy not to include Red Raccoon Dog headbands with its penultimate Azumanga Daioh DVD.

Dated 18 March 2006: Hand Maid May

Man, the Hand Maid May box set with the figure is freaking $19 with free shipping. Damn, yo. [Update: Too late.]

Dated 24 October 2006: One Hundred Dollars

100 dollars of Geneon merchandise
100 dollars of Geneon merchandise.

Oh hey, my 25 Geneon items from that recent sale arrived. As you can see: Seven A Little Snow Fairy Sugar DVDs, three Popotan DVDs, six The Melody of Oblivion DVDs, and nine CDs.

If anything, it'll give me an excuse to start talking about The Melody of Oblivion again.

Dated 19 November 2006: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Evangelion Platinum Edition DVDs
Evangelion Platimum Edition DVDs boxed set.

Holy crap, the Platinum Edition of the Neon Genesis Evangelion DVDs (ADV's version of the digitally remastered Renewal discs) is down to $33.87. I can vouch for the quality of these discs. As someone who owns both the Platinum Edition and the older so-called "Perfect Edition," the Platinum version is vastly superior in every respect.