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Dated 28 September 2009: Punctuation aside, Myself ; Yourself is not the disaster I expected

This is what I thought Myself ; Yourself was going to be about.

Taking a break from the summer season's offerings, I decided to watch Myself ; Yourself strictly based on the first episode's opening scene. From the looks of it, it was another low-brow harem comedy involving Male Protagonist who is separated and later reunited with childhood friends and other cookie-cutter stereotypes. Maybe something like Gift ~eternal rainbow~ except not God awful. I get in the mood for stories like that every once in a while; depending on the execution, I find them to be amusing diversions. Hence why I enjoyed Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ so much.

Hinako and Sana
Also this.

So while Myself ; Yourself does not have superfluous tildes, it does contain ridiculous punctuation in its title, and the opening minutes of the first episode feature a character boasting the squeakiness power of 10 anime girls. I figured I knew what I was getting myself into, but I was wrong. This is not to say that Myself ; Yourself goes all Saikano or Narutaru or even all ef ~a tale of memories~ on us, but it does offer up more traumarama than I was expecting.

Sana, Hinako, and Shuu
Hey, it's a Star of David clock.

On a whole, I found Myself ; Yourself a surprisingly decent show. Good, even, if you enjoy teen melodrama. Male Protagonist is thankfully not an ass clown, and most of his friends are all right, although I think the twins are a little too close.

Don't worry, Shuu isn't really into younger girls.

Most of these screenshots involve the most conventional of the various subplots—the one closest to what I was expecting when I started Myself ; Yourself in the first place. Even that was executed well. The show would be just fine as another harem comedy layup, but it aspires to be something more and actually does not ruin itself trying.