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Dated 4 October 2006: RSS Syndication

So, I've actually been thinking about incorporating RSS to this site. What can I say? The peer pressure is getting to me. Or something.

Being the particular sort of person I am, I've been debating for some time the relative merits of my options:

  • The easiest of these seem to merely utilize one of those websites, like, that generate RSS feeds from raw HTML. I'm probably too much of a control freak to do that, but I have no objection if some of y'all feel like doing this yourselves to add this site your own feed aggregators or blogrolls or something.
  • I could just break down and start using Wordpress or some other PHP + MySQL solution. This is probably the most sensible option, but I really don't feel like fussing with CSS and the myriad ways different browsers interpret it, anymore.
  • I could do nothing, and trust that anyone that reads this site regularly has already gotten used to reloading it manually every so often. I amend my first point: This is my easiest option.
  • I could write up some sort of infernal RSS generator myself, or modify someone else's work to suit these needs. Yeah, right.

In other news, there are no plans to enable comments. I haven't even listed the e-mail address for viewer mail in ages.

Dated 5 October 2006: Cron

In other news, cron hates me.

Dated 6 October 2006: RSS and Blosxom

Okay, I've tinkered enough with Blosxom and an RSS 2.0 plugin for it written by Andrew Cowie of that I feel their integration with this site in its current form is satisfactory.

For the time being, I have no plans to use Blosxom outright, or Wordpress, or whatever, but I don't really have a compelling reason not to use Blosxom (or at least one of its PHP variants). I'll probably get around to it eventually. Then again, Momotato talked about switching to Wordpress over a year ago, and it marked the nigh abrupt end to his anime bloggering. COINCIDENCE?

Dated 30 October 2006: Site Updates

I finally caved and installed Wordpress. Hopefully this won't be a disaster, since I didn't actually do very much testing beforehand.

And there's no telling how long it will be until the pre-Wordpress sections fully integrate with the new stuff. Possibly never.

And yes, comments will probably always be disabled.

Dated 2 November 2006: Seiyuu Blogs

So while trying to figure out why Planet was giving me so many errors every once in a while for no apparent reason, I ended up bifurcating the aggregator into the regular section, and one just for seiyuu blogs. For what it's worth, the errors seemed to have gone away for the time being.

Saeko Chiba
This is a picture of Saeko Chiba for no reason.

Speaking of seiyuu blogs, it wasn't that long ago when Tanaka Rie was pretty much the only voice actress with an online diary. (It was notable for having tiny thumbnails that linked to grainy, marginally larger, cameraphone pictures, leading many readers to lament that she needed both a better camera and a better webmaster.)

Now, seiyuu blogs are almost commonplace. Mai Kadowaki was one of the first with an RSS feed, but even syndication is becoming more prevalent. Well, more prevalent, but still not common. Yui Horie's blog recently gained an Atom feed, but we're still waiting for Chiba Saeko to add syndication to her pleasant corner of the Internet.

In related news, Aya Hirano's blog has an RSS feed, and she likes to update that sucker like four times a day, mostly with distorted wide-angle closeups of her mugging shamelessly.

Dated 23 December 2006: Site Design

You know, I've retained this same site layout for years now. I've even gone so far as to break the Bejesus out of the basic Wordpress theme just to keep it looking the same. However, that is not to say that I won't get loaded up on Green Death flavored NyQuil one day and tear the whole place apart with the intention of optimizing it for VGA PDA browsers. I'm just saying that the temptation is there.

Dated 24 December 2006: Site Redesign Stifled By Opera Mobile

Seeing as how the site looks all right on my Axim now that I've installed Opera Mobile on it, chances that there will be a radical site redesign in the near future are diminished. I mean, I still have Christmas-themed anime to watch....

Yes, I am posting this from my Axim, albeit slowly.

Dated 30 December 2006: Wakusei Updated

I've added a couple more seiyuu blogs to Wakusei. The wacky adventures of Kana Ueda (the voice of Yumi from Marimite) and Yuuka Nanri (Nao from My-HiME and Mai-Otome) are on the march.

Still waiting for Saeko Chiba and Tanaka Rie to add RSS or Atom feeds to their blogs....