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Dated 24 February 2008: ef - a tale of memories

ef ED
My emo theory is that she can book like none other because
nothing runs faster than the blood from a broken heart.

I've started watching ef ~a tale of memories~ because of all the reports praising it. So far I'm not too impressed, but I at least appreciate how it tries to be different. I also find the well-animated but overly-mechanical running silhouette in the ED somewhat hypnotic, although the girl's form and gait is not nearly as natural as Ayu's indefatigable helicopter legs in the Neo-Kanon ED.

Also, I find Chihiro's voice incredibly annoying, but one of her seiyuu's hobbies is allegedly "playing with cats," so she can't be all bad.

Dated 13 March 2008: ef - a tale of memories

At least you don't turn into Tang every 13 hours.

Just a few brief final thoughts about ef: I liked the series, but clearly not as much as most people did. I never did fully warm up to most of the characters. However, I do appreciate that ef tried to do for moe blobs what Eva did for giant robots and their pilots.

Dated 1 January 2011: Needs more running while crying (we would also have accepted "while dying in snow")

It's a real pity SHAFT wasn't able to animate running for the second ef - a tale of memories ED as well as J.C. Staff was able to do it for the "Silky Heart" Toradora! ED. Or Hell, as well as Kyoto Animation for their Kanon ED, for that matter.

Second ef ~a tale of memories~ ED

< Link`> you're aware OP/ED sequences are sometimes done by other animators that work very little or not at all on the rest of the show, right?
< Link`> that has little bearing on the studio involved with the show

Fine, then whatever sub-contractors won the respective ED bids.