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16 February 2009: Fresh Pretty Cure paces itself

Cure Berry
Cure Berry, part of a nutritious breakfast.

Another episode, another Cure called. Miki is tall, athletic, and hopes to be a model. She also has a kid brother who suffers from the vapors. Really, there wasn't anything particularly noteworthy about the episode. Well, ferret-weasel-mascot extraordinaire Tart with the Osaka accent still manages to not be annoying! Am I really watching Precure? A non-annoying mascot character? Inconceivable! Even the baby/runt mascot hasn't been annoying yet, probably because it doesn't talk. Thank Haruhi.

Easy East doesn't look evil. Maybe she's just hung over.

Oh, and the first mini-boss is Easy East, a mildly sadistic gal who hides her shame with a cape fastened in two places in the front instead of getting properly dressed. I probably should have captured a screenshot of that.

Headless dancers
Low budget like not bothering to draw the heads on these dancing characters.
I suppose they would have been outside the frame during the broadcast, but still.

The production values still seem very low. There's not a lot of detail and the look of the show just kinda suggests they're trying to save money. This is somewhat unexpected, because I was under the impression the Pretty Cure franchise was a cash cow. Maybe they're diverting all the funds towards Pretty Cure All Stars, which will hopefully be one EPIC crossover movie. I'm hoping Cure White chokes out a rookie Cure in the first five minutes. EPIC.

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