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6 August 2007: Nadesico as a harem comedy

Yurika comes on to Akito
Yurika comes on to Akito again.

I think the best explanation for why Nadesico succeeds as a harem comedy is because Mr. Male Protagonist is not despicable. This seems to be a very important metric with regards to a harem comedy's opportunities for success, a likable male lead—even more important than having charismatic, aerodynamic girls.

If only Gai could make the impossible possible.

And there's not much to dislike about Akito. This is less of a feat since Akito is really more a space opera lead than a harem comedy one. After all, he is a reluctant mecha pilot (in Akito's case, one that just wants to be a cook), who continues to combat the relentless enemy in his giant robot because he wants to protect the people and ideals that he cares about. I, mean, he comes right out and says it in episode eight and all. Being someone the viewer likes is a given for his idiom.

Also, his love interests call him senpai instead of onii-chan during their fantasies. Thank Heaven.

In other news, Chibi no Nothing contends that Ruri's acid-trip interfacing skills are a superior aspect of the Nadesico OP to her doing that crazy shit with her eyes. However, Ruri herself admits that the Nadesico is so automated, there's really little for the bridge to do except play video games (which she's probably doing in the acid-trip interfacing bit, I suspect).

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