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19 August 2007: Final thoughts after finishing Figure 17


Final thoughts after finishing Figure 17: The MONSTERS FROM SPACE! element and the Figure itself were entirely unnecessary. The show would have been just fine if Hikaru really was Tsubasa's twin sister, sent away to live with relatives at a young age. It might even have been better that way.

Figure 17 had enough story in the "Tokyo girl moves to Hokkaido" aspect and with the contrast between Hikaru and Tsubasa's characters. I didn't need unremarkable fight scenes sprinkled throughout to keep my attention. In fact, the fights were the least interesting part of the series.

Tsubasa, Kyoko, and Sakura
Tsubasa, Kyoko, and Sakura.

I would have enjoyed more recalcitrant Yui Horie-type Sakura, though.

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