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17 June 2009: Fresh Pretty Cure for the casual fan

Setsuna and Love
The animation quality in Fresh Precure is so inconsistent.
Sometimes it looks like this...

Aside from the potential stigma from watching Pretty Cure, Fresh really is a pretty good show. Oh, it still is what it is, and I don't think potential viewers who are merely curious need watch every single episode. If precedent is any indicator, Fresh Precure should run at least 48 episodes, and possibly 96. That's a lot of fresh and a lot of cure for the average viewer. To that end, I've prepared a simple guide for the curious who don't want to commit to the full-length series.

Easy gets loose with her new power
...and sometimes it looks like this.

Through the first 20 episodes, I suggest watching episodes 01, 07, 10, 14, 15, 17, 19, and 20. Also watch episodes two and three if you care about how Miki and Buki end up as Cures, add episode six if you care about Love and her mother, but you can skip 10, 14, and 17 if you only care about the PEACH-HAN Love and Easy Setsuna friendship. 10 is good because it's funny and it resolves Buki's ferret phobia bit. 14 is good because it finally includes hand-to-hand combat between the Labyrinth goons and the Cures. And 17 is good because it's about teen pregnancy. (No, really.) And it has Wester sleeping in the park on the grass in the middle of the day like a bum. The bad guys this season are such slackers.

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