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21 November 2010: Respecting Amagami SS 20 in the morning

Rihoko sure has skinny arms for a fat girl.

The end of the Rihoko arc in Amagami SS was a bit unexpected. Based on the four previous arcs, I had come to expect certain conventions, so their absences are a bit perplexing. I suppose the differences this time around serve to give the show as a whole greater depth.

Ai and Sae
Parallel universe Ai and Sae awkwardly greet Junichi.

I still say Rihoko is one of the more likable girls in Potato-kun's serial harem, although I felt her arc was rather unsatisfying. This probably says more about how little chemistry Junichi has had with basically every character in the show aside from his childhood friends, to tell you the truth. It also makes it all the more perplexing that neither childhood friend option got nearly as much action as the less believable pairings. And when you consider how much attention that damn tea club table has gotten over the past 20 episodes, Potato-kun's failure to bend Rihoko over the kotatu is especially egregious.

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