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19 October 2008: Saikano v. Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu (Part Four)

Not actually our Saikano heroes
Chise cries a lot, even when it's not really Chise.

By episodes three and four of Saikano, I had already already grown tired of the Chise/Shuji relationship. I suppose their whining and crying are supposed to underscore just how young and immature these characters are, but that doesn't make their wishy-washiness any less annoying. The two of them are emo one moment, conspiring to run away together, then lovey-dovey and daydreaming about being being married with children the next, and then completely uncertain and doubtful about their love and commitment the next. Is it authentic? I guess it's supposed to be, but it doesn't make me care about the pair more. I like Orikasa Fumiko, but with Chise crying through most of the Saikano, a little goes a long way.

Yuuko stalks Naoyuki and Kana.
Just pretend it's not an ass shot. Okay?

The first third of Iriya is far superior to the first third of Saikano precisely because it is much less emo. The supporting characters are actually kind of fun, and even Naiyuki's cranky little sister, Yuuko, is a pleasant departure from the sweet little sister stereotype. Also, maybe Iriya being taciturn makes it easier to like her better. (Even discounting the crying and moping, Chise still talks a lot more than Iriya.) We later learn that Iriya was basically shell-shocked into her current autistic, post-traumatic state (or whatever term you want to call it). Sadly, we don't ever get to meet the younger, lucid Iriya (from before all her fellow pilots died), but I wouldn't mind a prequel.

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