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20 December 2012: The DVD version of Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ is practically a completely different show

Aoba and Hiyoko
This chicken's pretty angry for someone getting a handout.

The first time I watched Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ (via broadcast rips) back around 2006 and 2007, I swear the chicken didn't talk. I remember Kadowaki Mai still being credited for the role, but I'm pretty sure she just made indistinct "PIYO PIYO PIYO" noises that only Aoba understood. I'm sort of re-watching the series now (via DVD rips), and the chicken has actual lines of dialog. Aoba is still the only one who understands it, but I wonder why there's a difference at all? Were these lines specifically recorded later as DVD-only extras, or were they intended to be included all along and merely omitted from the broadcast due to "circumstances"? As I keep watching, will I discover further changes in the DVD versions compared to the broadcast versions? Personally, I'm hoping for more Sayuri Legends and more gratuitous shots of Kasuga's ridiculous hang time.

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