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8 October 2014: Anime Aromas Assessment

Takane and Hibiki
Go on, take a big whiff.

What does your waifu smell like? This is an under-explored (entirely unexplored?) aspect of 2D romantic interests. Due to the nature of the medium, high-level aficionados obviously know what their anime girlfriends look like and sound like. Those well versed in non-canonical studies likely even have a general idea of these girls' potential sexual proclivities, but who knows what they smell like? Most of the time, the answer is entirely up to speculation, but in certain cases I believe reasonable guesses stand a good chance of being accurate.

There would be so much spatter.

For example, Takane from The iDOLM@STER is known to be a great fan of ramen, regularly consuming bowl after bowl of these delicious noodles (yet with no damage to her trim figure and flat stomach). But it takes even a fast eater quite a long time to scarf so many servings. There's a good chance the spatter from these prolonged meals and the sheer amount of time Taken spends in restaurants and at noodle stands cause her to take on a distinctive ramen scent, at least for the remainder of the day.

Takane and Hibiki
Go on, take a big whiff.

In line with at least one comic strip, Takane's Project Fairy compatriot Hibiki almost certainly suffers from an unfortunate side effect of spending all her idle non-idol time among her beloved animal friends: Hibiki's hair probably smells like dog. (Yes, I know.)

With regard to the rest of the 765 Production girls, it's a bit harder to say. Miki eats a lot of onigiri, but I doubt there are any particular olfactory concerns here. In fact, I'm hard pressed to make any reliable guesses as to any of them with the possible exception of Haruka, who probably gives off a slight wiff of floor wax if she's faceplanted on a well-buffed floor recently. For most characters, the clues are not quite as evident as, say, Charlotte Yeager from Strike Witches and who almost certainly smells like motor oil.

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