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3 May 2015: Fate/stay spoilers matter

At least they didn't make her bend over the entire time.

I'm looking forward more to the upcoming Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz! series than I am to each weekly installment of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works. This is not because I think the former is a much better series. (I was only moderately impressed with the last Prisma☆Illya installment.) On the contrary, ufotable's adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works has been excellent thus far, so I should like it more than I do. True, the Fate/stay franchise itself carries a lot of baggage, but the fact that this baggage exists isn't what's affecting my anticipation so much. It's because I already I know what happens for the most part.

I hope Irisviel drives a Bersercar in 2wei Herz!

On the other hand, I have no idea where the parody spinoff Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya series will go in 2wei Herz!, so I'm eagerly absorbing all the hype I see for it. I haven't actually noticed all that much 2wei Herz! hype, though, probably because so many viewers were disenchanted with the first 2wei. (On a related note, these viewers also seem fairly uninterested in Unlimited Blade Works, for a variety of reasons.)

Rin notices her plan isn't going especially well.

In fact, most of the hype that I have seen for the next Prisma☆Illya series comes from official sources and semi-official fluffing by two of its starring voice actresses: Ueda Kana and Kadowaki Mai. Both update their blogs regularly and participate in that whole social media rigamarole, too. (Being its lead, you can count on @kadomaita to talk up Prisma☆Illya on occasion.) Maybe I'll be more into Unlimited Blade Works if @uedakana, the queen of Anime Twitter, starts hinting about huge differences between the current production and the Studio Deen movie. I don't think ufotable is under any obligation to bring in CGI dolphins or dragons or whatnot, you know.

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