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24 November 2003: Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl continues to impress.

Rabaro, Claes, and Jose
Rabaro, Claes, and Jose

Episode Five deviated from the manga's continuity to introduce Claes, the newest rookie in the organization.

If the relationships between the girls and their handers thus far can be characterized as brother-sister, master-slave, and father-daughter, then Captain Rabaro and Claes are teacher and student. There's another girl in the credits that hasn't been introduced yet. It makes you wonder if she's going to be part of a lover-beloved pair—metaphorically, that is, as these girls are quite a bit too young for that sort of thing.

There's quite a bit of intrigue thus far. From Episode Five, it is apparent that there may be different groups and factions involved, each with their own goals and pursuits. It's obvious already that the Social Welfare Corporation is not exactly comprised of particularly nice fellows, and it'll be interesting to see how things develop now that the plot is branching out geometrically.

Also of note, it's obvious that the girls' personal loyalties and their conditioning are going to play major parts in how things shake down. Five will get you ten that the girls end up gunning down their own when the shit hits the fan.

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