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5 April 2004: My-HiME

Well, I bought the April 2004 issue of Animage. It comes with a promotional DVD containing previews of a number of spring shows. Here's the catch: The God damned thing is region coded.

So I burned up one of my limited Region code changes to view it. But who in the Hell region codes promotional DVDs, for Christ's sake?

It included a rather lackluster looking show called My Hime. I've been informed that the kanji used for "my" translates to "dancing," so I guess that means the title can also be read as Dancing Princess.

My Hime
My Hime, possibly A.K.A. Dancing Princess

Whatever. It appears to be about schoolgirls—with swords—and possibly magic. And the dark-haired character depicted above packs heat. If you look past her ass for a minute, you can see that she's cleaning one of her pistols.

In any case, the music is by Yuki Kajiura, so the soundtrack will kick ass at least.

But I really need to get around to region hacking my damn DVD players or something. This is horseshit.

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