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19 January 2014: It appears we have two shows about farms this season

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The excellent Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) from summer 2013 returns winter 2014. This second cour picks up where the first left off. Through two episodes, it appears to be as good as it was. Joining Silver Spoon is another show with an agricultural theme: No-Rin (also spelled Nourin). Although Silver Spoon is not necessarily "better" than No-Rin, the former does appeal to me quite a bit more than the latter.

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While both Gin no Saji and No-Rin are comedies, the latter appears to be a bit wackier. ("More wacky, less egghead.") Although I've only seen the first two episodes of No-Rin, I'm tentatively giving Gin no Saji the edge here, mostly because Silver Spoon complements its comedy with serious themes and does it well. No-Rin, thus far, is more aggressive with its jokes, such as its overly pathetic, stale "Christmas cake" teacher who is really more an embarrassment than anything than anything else right now. At least No-Rin also has an idol slumming it in the sticks kinda like when Minmay went on the lam toward the end of Cho Jiku Yosai Macross, except without the douchebag manager. (So far, anyway.)

Yuka is more Ranka than Sheryl.

I expect the burned out idol to make or break No-Rin for me. It helps that (at least when she's in idol mode) she's powered by Yukarin at full boost, but I'm uncertain how sympathetic she will be as a character. There's also a childhood friend of sorts who will presumably serve mostly as a romantic rival (read: cockblocker) until the show reaches its nigh inevitable non-ending conclusion.

Of course there's a pink one.

If I sound pessimistic about No-Rin, it's because it is comprised of unremarkable components that almost inevitably follow set tropes. Nevertheless, its execution has thus far been quite good at times, and there are occasions where shows have taken simple or unoriginal ideas and produced excellent results. Still, No-Rin, has a ways to go before it can wrest the "best show this season about farms" title from the proven Gin no Saji.

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