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8 February 2004: Princess Nine

Hayakawa Ryo
Hayakawa Ryo

So, I've started watching Princess Nine. This is a baseball-themed 26-episode series from 1998 about nine girls challenging their male counterparts and proving themselves on the diamond, etc.

I actually bought the entire series after reading only one review and without watching even a single episode because had ADV's complete box set for $35.99 and it sounded interesting. Besides, after getting shafted by the confounded practice of splitting 26-episode shows over six to eight DVDs, a reasonably priced series is a welcome change. I hope these companies realize that many of their customers are reaching critical mass—one can only drop one hundred fifty freaking dollars for a single season so many times.

I also felt comfortable buying the entire series without watching it first because it features the voice acting of Shimamoto Sumi as Hayakawa Shino and Kawasumi Ayako as Azuma Yuki. Shimamoto Sumi is famous as the voice of Nausicaa, and the Ayako Doctrine dictates that any show featuring the voice acting of Kawasumi Ayako is at least worth checking out.

Hayakawa Ryo
Hayakawa Ryo

I've only watched the first episode thus far. It's pretty entertaining and the apparent lead character, hard-throwing southpaw 15-year-old Ryo, is quite likeable. I'm also glad that Princess Nine's accuracy in depicting the gameplay of baseball itself is above average in relation to most movies and television shows.

However, I am somewhat disturbed at how many DVDs I now own that contain the word "princess" in the title. And none of them are even porn.

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