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4 July 2007: Macross 7 ED2 Reveals Path into Mylene's Pants

In contrast to the OP and the first ED, the second ED of Macross 7 is a straightforward narrative. And how. Allow me to break it down for y'all:

First, we see an alarm clock sounding.

Mylene's alarm clock
Bing bong! It's seven o'clock!

Next we see Mylene waking up.

Mylene Jenius
Wake up, Mylene!

Then we get Mylene in a zero-gravity shower.

Mylene showers.
Wash up, Mylene!

And we pan over to see Mylene getting ready for school.

Mylene gets ready.
Get ready, Mylene!

Mylene is almost ready for school.

Mylene goes to school.
Don't be late for school, Mylene!

Mylene's shoes
What shoes will you wear, Mylene?

Okay, this part doesn't really make sense.

Is that you, Gainax?

Man, that was heavy. Time to chill out.

Mylene chills out.
Mylene chills out.
School's a drag, Mylene!

Guvava chills out.
Guvava agrees, Mylene!

Here we have Mylene relaxing under a tree. A mysterious gentleman approaches! Mysterious Gentleman, did you learn everything you know about women from Bing Crosby, too? Mysterious Gentleman offers Mylene a Coke.

Mylene under a tree
Have a Coke, Mylene!

WHOA, Mylene must really really love Coke. No, I said Coke. C-O-K-E.

Mylene's space boobs
What are you trying to say, Mylene?

Assuming an accurate translation, the lyrics are also rather...unambiguous.

Mylene wants your love
Be gentle, Mylene!


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