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3 October 2013: Genshiken Nidaime doesn't come out on top, but at least it's not a bottom, either

Sue and Madarame
Maybe he's heavier than he looks.

The biggest problem I had with Genshiken Nidaime when it began airing was all the recast voices for returning characters. Unfortunately, I never did get used to those changes. I know other people also had trouble warming up to the new characters and the fujoshi-focused turn the series took after the graduation of most of the original cast. Of the new characters, Sue is my favorite (although technically not "new") but she's only good in very small doses doing the sort of thing none of the other characters will do. For example, suddenly disrupting someone's plans via her embrace of the violence of action.

Kaminaga and Hato
I'm sure it's a mere coincidence.

I get the sense that these various arcs of the Genshiken manga simply did not translate well into the single-cour anime format. The resolution between Madarame and Saki was long-awaited and nicely executed, but it felt odd to place as the eleventh episode because it diminished the importance of the two that followed it. The effect is magnified because I didn't care about the other characters' interests. The neuroses of Hato, the ostensible new main character, frankly feel overwrought and not nearly as important as it was made out to be. Nevertheless, despite all its flaws, Genshiken Nidaime was still one of the better Summer 2013 shows and is a refreshing departure from the standard retread of middle school or high school anime characters and their silly hangups.

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