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10 November 2013: I'm not sure if I should be enjoying IS Infinite Stratos 2

Houki and Cecelia
I don't remember why the ears were necessary.

As sequels go, IS Infinite Stratos 2 plays it pretty safe, offering mostly filler around a fairly uninteresting plot. It knows its bread and butter involves inspiring (somewhat facetious) arguments about the relative merits of the bevy of girls surrounding Potato-kun as he fails again and again to notice his harem's interest in him.

Ichika and Charles
Did you lose a contact lens, Potato-kun? You'll never find it now.

Ichika is so obtuse that he's actually not aggravating. Typically, harem comedy protagonists inspire nothing but ire from me, but IS2 has taken his cluelessness so far that it's impossible to take any of the romantic subplots even semi-seriously. As far as I'm concerned, he's been married to Laura since that one episode of the first season. Everything after that has simply been comic relief.

What big guns you have.

As a reminder, Char reversed all her early Girl of the Year cred in 2011 after revealing Charlotte lacked the charm and confidence she displayed as Charles. She has the same problem in Infinite Stratos 2, leaving newcomer Tatenashi to fill that role. However, not having a title card in the OP pretty much disqualifies Tatenashi from running in this particular race, regardless as to whether or not we're supposed to take the contest seriously.

Charles and Laura
I can't argue against Laura's logic.

I don't actually know what IS Infinite Stratos 2 hopes to accomplish, given that the actual plot is largely irrelevant, and it's long been apparent that the love hexagon will drag out unresolved indefinitely, with basically no chance Ichika will even realize he's an object of their affections. You can't fix stupid.

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