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8 February 2014: Surprising no one, KILL la KILL, Golden Time, and Gin no Saji are still good

Ryuuko and Senketsu
True love.

KILL la KILL and Golden Time continued without interruption from the previous cour. Both remain about as good as they were previously, and for pretty much the same reasons as before. Thus, if you liked the shows the first time around, you'll probably still like them now. Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) took a short break after its first cour, but also proves to be as good as it was now that it has resumed for winter 2014.

Two words?

Of the three shows, Gin no Saji is dead last when it comes to its lead character's romantic prospects. Those of you who have been watching know that our man in the field, Hachiken, is sweet on the oblivious horse girl, Aki. Basically everyone at the school knows about Hachiken's little crush, but Aki is so dense she'd never figure it out without being told straight-up. Sweet kid, but kinda slow when it comes to this sort of thing.

Banri and Koko
This is why you should have a kotatsu, even in the summer.

Banri, on the other hand, basically can't miss in Golden Time unless, y'know, Koko gets him killed or something. At this point, there are basically no real obstacles to their romance, even if Ghost Banri is a dick. Even Koko's dad seems to approve of him, and that guy's got a super-villain-style cat and a wicked backhand.

There's actually another love story I haven't mentioned yet.

You can sort of make the claim that KILL la KILL is a love story about a girl and her clothes. Seeing as how Senketsu drinks Ryuuko's blood, I have to conclude that our KILL la KILL couple is further along in their relationship than our Golden Time couple, and WAY further ahead than our potential Silver Spoon couple. There is a chance we'll see Banri and Koko rounding third before the end of the season, but I don't think either one is ever going to drink the other's blood. Maybe if Banri were dating Nana instead?

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