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5 June 2017: Re:CREATORS is my favorite show this season

Magikal girls have the strongest conviction.

I'm rather pleased Re:CREATORS will be two cours even though it means the pace is somewhat leisurely. Or, at least it seems that way because it happens to be the sort of show where the viewer constantly feels as if something could happen at any minute. "Gunpuku," who we now know is named Altair, seems content to let things unfold without haste, an attitude which gives greater impact to the violence of her actions when she suddenly snaps in response to an emotional trigger. It's a great scene, regardless of how you feel about the outcome, and where your personal loyalties lie.

Souta and Magane
I do like her earrings, though.

The show's expected length also provides more opportunity to develop the characters in its sizable cast. Unfortunately, this includes sadistic nutjob Magane, who would probably be less irritating if Sakamoto Maaya weren't playing her with such a cartoonish voice. Given that some of Sakamoto Maaya's best work features much more realistic voice work, it's disappointing Magane's voice is so distracting. True, we're supposed to dislike the character, and she's the only member of the opposition who is outright unlikeable, but that also increases the chances she's going to stick around way too long. At least her allies will inevitably turn on her.

Amamiya Sora voiced the love interest of two rival mecha pilots in
TROYCA's Aldnoaha.Zero. She now voices a mecha pilot herself.

Thankfully, Magane does not detract substantially from the show as a whole, and I'm still happy with how it integrates characters from vastly disparate genres. I'm also glad it marginalizes Potato-kun in favor of much more charismatic exposition nerd, and I'm impressed with the show's solid production values. After nine weeks, Re:CREATORS sits on top of my rankings and holds the distinction of being my second-most anticipated show to watch each week. The first place show in this category is Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? (less clumsily known as WorldEnd), a development I certainly would not have anticipated prior to the start of the season.

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