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29 May 2017: KADO: Gap moé and harnessing the unlimited power in your balls

At least the flower on her head is not a fried egg.

I started watching Seikaisuru Kado because it is an entirely 3DCG anime, and I liked at least one of Toei's 100% 3DCG things, Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise. Unfortunately, Kado: The Right Answer, despite not featuring periodic shots of Angela Balzac's spanking-brand-new 16-year-old butt, is a lot less interesting than Expelled from Paradise. In fact, the most compelling episode thus far was the episode zero prologue about chrome plating, to such an extent I sort of wish the series were entirely about chrome plating instead.

Also, this fucker keeps making this face.

An anime about a mysterious stranger with a Borg cube that follows the rules of an entirely different form of reality should be at least a little interesting, but the show is too flawed to make up for its slow pace. At a minimum, it breaks my suspension of disbelief every time I'm asked to pretend the United Nations is in any way relevant or effectual. (As a military force, no less!)

Not Chihaya is lot easier on the eyes in 2D.

I'm also a bit disappointed that KADO apparently tries to make up for a slow-moving story by using its female characters for some levity. The tonal shifts aren't really necessary or appreciated. I would be totally okay with a completely serious story; just make something happen once in a while. Wacky Etch A Sketch scientist girl being spacey and Not Chihaya being flustered don't really fit in with the rest of the narrative. I guess I should at least be thankful it didn't take three episodes and a recap episode to move a giant cube. It almost did, though.

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