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20 August 2018: I'm still watching ISLAND for some reason

Setsuna and Rinne
This counts as chemistry, right?

I started watching ISLAND basically for the same reason as Anime War Crime Tribunal. I.e., hoping it would be entertainingly bad. I guess not entirely for the same reason. I'm also partially in it for the Yukarin lead and, uh, I guess maybe that's it. Unfortunately, ISLAND has been mostly unremarkable. It does have some wacky twists and unexpected revelations, but they are the sort that mostly just don't make much sense and not the variety that might stun you with disbelief. I guess I'm complaining that it is not sufficiently schlock.

Sara and Setsuna
Sara is 16.

As far as the characters go, I guess I'm relieved Setsuna is not cut from the same harem comedy cloth as Potato-kun from ToHeart 2 or Da Capo, but I haven't had any reason to like him either. Frankly, none of the characters are particularly appealing in any way, so I guess the one I like best is the cop. As far as the female characters go, I suppose I'm mostly put off by how nothing involving them makes any sense, neither from a logical standpoint nor really even from a narrative one. Things just sort of happen because...why not.

Karen and Setsuna
Eyes on the road, guy.

There's a good chance the anime suffers because it's cramming in multiple branching story lines from the visual novel (which I understand will be available in English soon). Thus, given the time and length restrictions, all the anime manages to do is hit popular beats from the game without adequately setting them up. At least that's the best case explanation I have for it. Admittedly, this is entirely speculation on my part. It could just as well be that the game completely blows, but I think there's at least a reasonable chance the anime comes across the way it does simply because it's chasing multiple hares, as it were.

Karen and Setsuna
Karen changed clothes before going out.
Setsuna wears this outfit at all times.

Really, I should have dropped this show immediately after the Karen "arc" at the latest, but I guess I'll finish out the season since I'm so close to the end already. Hopefully, there will be some sort of wacky big finish to cap it off, but I'm not exactly optimistic at this point. At least Rinne's hat is nice.

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