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1 September 2014: You know Akame ga KILL! will have killing because of the capital letters and the exclamation mark

It helps that Tatsumi is pretty okay, relatively speaking.

I discovered Akame ga KILL! after being introduced to the manga by Baka Raptor in his roundabout sort of way. (Spoilers for that blog post, I guess?) I enjoyed the chapters I read, but I wasn't nearly as enamored with it as he was. In fact, I'm pretty sure I stopped reading before even reaching halfway through the available chapters. Nevertheless, I was fairly looking forward to the anime when I heard it was announced.

When he points the finger, it means you're a rival.

Through eight episodes, I'm still on board with the show despite my usual aversion to shounen jive. Thankfully, there is more fighting than talking and standing around, so I haven't gotten bored with it yet. Akame ga KILL! does require the viewer to suspend his disbelief on numerous occasions and refrain from second-guessing certain decisions the characters make (some of which are quite boneheaded for the story's sake), but as long as the viewer is willing to wave off criticism he should be able to find parts to enjoy. Plus it's got killing and stuff.

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