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5 December 2016: I guess Seiren is an Amagami SS sequel

Maybe Seiren will just be about Hikari sitting on things.

Remembered mostly for its Battle of the Best Girls, Amagami SS was an all right 2010 harem comedy with an omnibus gimmick. That is, the series as a whole consisted of multiple short parallel-universe story arcs reflecting the Amagami game's different routes. This was a structure also used by, uh, Yosuga no Sora. I guess I liked Amagami SS and its sequel Amagami SS+ Plus all right, despite containing some high-level bullshit. They at least had reasonably charming girls. Potato-kun, though, was a pretty unremarkable putz, and it was not at all clear why any of the girls (aside from Rihoko, I suppose) were into him. I can only assume every other dude in that school was a cretin like Potato-kun's pervy friend.

Makoto appears to be Risa's sister.

Seiren, airing January 2017, is reportedly an original TV anime with the same series compositor and original character designer from Amagami SS. It also seems to take place in the same continuity. The school uniforms are very similar, if not the same, and at least two of the Seiren characters seem to be younger siblings of characters from Amagami SS. Specifically, it looks as if Risa's kid sister and Ai's kid brother are now high school students in Seiren. If you consider that six or seven years have gone by, I guess it sort of makes sense.

It's pretty much guaranteed Shouichi's friend is Ai's brother.
I bet he still loves Kamen Rider.

All right, so given that Seiren seems to have at least a moderately okay pedigree, is that a good reason to watch it? Good enough, I suppose. I don't actually know anything else about the show itself except that it's also going to adopt the omnibus gimmick. Information about the actual lead character is paltry at best, unless the real star of the show is Hikari's thighs and not Potato-kun's understudy, Potato-kun.

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